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Mono Belair

Mono Belair

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Condition Overall: Medium scuffing, large stains, medium discoloration Corners: Medium scuffing Metal fittings: Small scuffing Bottom: Small scuffing, medium dirt, small discoloration Handle: Small scuffing, medium stains, small discoloration Strap: Small discoloration, medium dirt, small wrinkles, small scuffing Inside: Small scuffing, small dirt Other defects: Ripped leather at base of flap, belt has a kink, no serial number - - - Accessories Strap: 1

Overall Condition AB


Rating Description
S Brand new and unused
A Excellent condition
AB Gently used with minimal signs of wear, such as small scratches
B Used with visible signs of usage like larger scratches, discoloration, or stains
BC Well-used with noticeable signs of wear, such as tears
C Clearly visible wear and imperfections
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